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About Us

About Us

Atrium is central and largest space of the ancient tenement. It was the main room and the centre of family life which was surrounded by smaller rooms. It included a fireplace and an opening for the rainwater which was stored underground… “Lexicon of architecture“

Architectural Studio Atrium

Created in 1991 with the goal of integrating architecture, urbanism, design and creative art into one spatium. We invite you to form it! We wish that through this place you would find help, recreation and protection and that it would encourage creative results, peace and humbleness.

Basic features of our work

We are constantly looking for a human and his relationship to the environment, nature and to himself. We are trying to discover spatial and dispositive possibilities, our own unique expression. Creative and dispositive purity, simplicity of solution, organic connection between interior and exterior, using natural materials as well as looking for energy independence – those are the basic features of our work. Each design is unique. Even the smallest piece of architecture starting with elementary design elements up to large urban scales and urban planning is a challenge to find something new.

Our services

We offer complex architectural services and related technical consulting as well as procurement and processing of urban studies, urban plans of towns, town zones and villages along with landscape planning and landscape design. Our professional team offers to individual investors, developers and mayors a complex package of services starting with architectural-urban intention, issuing of zoning and building permit up to a complete implementation of project documentation including all professions and budgeting. In case of urban planning, we guarantee the process of approval by the municipal or town council. Furthermore, we also offer an opportunity to process projects for structural or cohesive funds of the European Union.


All of the family house projects may be classified into ecological living category by means of the technology which was used (heat pumps, solar-powered systems, recuperative units), application of constructional principles eliminating potential heat leakage but mainly by the proposal of optimal disposition, orientation and actual architecture of the family house which definitely carry the attributes of healthy and quality of living.

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