Cover page on Yapi magazine with Atrium


Cover page on Yapi magazine with Atrium

It is not often that the Slovak architecture was on the cover of the prestigious international journal. Now it happened :)



Atrium Family Concept

Spúšťame pre Vás kolekciu katalógových domov. O našich drevených eko-konpeptoch v aktuálnom čísle EKO Bývanie.



ECO Cabin

Currently we have completed the concept of Ultra Cheap eco cabin for Canadian Community Forest International. Concept of eco cabins cost of not higher than 10.000 Euro could take outdoor enthusiasts. Support us with your LIKE on…itive-future



Building of the Year 2016

Nomination for the best sports building of the world.



PF 2016

More of better architecture in the year 2016.



MORPH project in the new issue of ARCH magazine

Our special mention project for Bejing Cultural Centre Morph in ARCh magazine.



ESA in Budapest

Gallery FUGA hosting our exhibition in centre of Budapest. Until 15.11.2015 you can visit it.



Special Mention from CHINA

Morph challenger is an online design competition platform, aiming to generate new dialogues trought design without language barriers, openning a broad communication field for promotion and creation of inspiring and functional ideas for the future.




We are coorganizer of big urba conference DETLUP – dewelopment trought to land use planning.



Atrium on Architecture Week Prague 2015

If you want to see Prague and good architecture and want to join us, lets go to festival Architecture Weeb Prague 2015