New ARCH issue with our Mill


New ARCH issue with our Mill

Mills – buildings and machines at the same time – belonged to the most widespread in our country Traditional means of production. At their inception, Technical and design features, building and spatial solutions Geographic conditions have affected. The mills represented not only Economic and technical benefits, but they also had a huge civilization And cultural significance. In the past, their image was a reflection The level of technology and technology of the time. And most of all … they were dangling People hungry with bread everyday.



Interview for Dennik N

A few words for lifestyle magazine about how to live.



Infocentrum for Botanic Garden

New entrance spaces



PF 2017

Lot of great architecture in 2017 :)



Interior of Holcim in ARCH magazine

Best Slovak Interior of the Year 2016 with our project.



For friday heloween

To pumpkin :)



Holcim Slovakia

New issue of Interier magazine with fresh story about our project Lafarge Holcim in Košice, Slovakia.



Water world on Šaľa

Atrium is winner of international architectural competetion for Water world on Šaľa, Slovakia.



Cover page on Yapi magazine with Atrium

It is not often that the Slovak architecture was on the cover of the prestigious international journal. Now it happened :)



Atrium Family Concept

Spúšťame pre Vás kolekciu katalógových domov. O našich drevených eko-konpeptoch v aktuálnom čísle EKO Bývanie.