Villa Holland


*2014/03/12 _ Please support book

Please support book

kniha Eastside Architecture / Sucasna architektura na vychode Slovenska je takmer hotova, chyba uz len POSLEDNY KROK – tlac!

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*2014/02/28 _ Atrium Exhibition in Ostrava

Atrium Exhibition in Ostrava

If you will be in Ostrava in 4.3.2014 you can visit our exhibition Atrium 20+1 i cultural space CoolTour Ostrava.

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*2014/02/06 _ SPOTs on title

SPOTs on title

Magazine Projekt with headline devil title :)

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*2014/01/23 _ East Side Architecture

East Side Architecture

This book for you quite soon.

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*2013/12/25 _ PF 2014

PF 2014

More of fun architecture with specialist from Atrium Architekti.

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*2013/12/11 _ Livingroom in exterior was opened

Livingroom in exterior was opened

Friday 13.12 – not black, but light:) Lets have lighting instalation Under the Bridge.

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*2013/11/20 _ Atrium had Nomination

Atrium had Nomination

Nomination for National Prize for Architecture – Dušan Jurkovič Prize 2013 for our atelier.

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*2013/11/20 _ Atrium of RIFF conference

Atrium of RIFF conference

Dušan Burák introduced Heat Exchanger Važecká on RIFF conference 2013 in Bucharest.

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*2013/11/11 _ Atrium on RIFF 2013

Atrium on RIFF 2013

Dušan Burák as one of headline speakers on RIFF 2013 on November 11th and 12th, in Bucharest.

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*2013/11/05 _ Under the Bridge on ARCH magazine

Under the Bridge on ARCH magazine

New issue of ARCH magazine with our project Under the Bridge. Thanks to Esterni.

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