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Exhibition Atrium 20+1

East Side Architecture is introducing the second solo thematic exhibition. This time it is the retrospective exhibition of Atrium Studio from Košice, one of the most significant architectural studio in Eastern Slovakia.

Curator: Prof. Ing.arch. Matúš Dulla,DrSc.
Venue: Východoslovenská Galéria Košice, Hlavná 27
Exhibition opening: 23.5.2012, 19:00
Duration of exhibition: 24.5.-24.6.2012
Opening hours: Ut.-Ne.10:00 – 18:00

Are you bored with traditional architectural exhibitions?
Then come and experience spectacular exhibition of one of the most significant architectural studios in Eastern Slovakia.

Come and experience 20+1 unusual buildings

Architectural studio Atrium from Košice, the Laureate of Dušan Jurkovič Award 2004, nominated for several awards for architecture CE-ZA-AR, nominated for the European Mies van der Rohe Award, Brick Award and many others.
The only studio published in the prestigious publishing house Phaidon. Atrium studio is the representative of the new wave of East Side Architecture and on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of its foundation it will present the work of the last decade – from 2004 to present.
There is something for young but also adult lovers of architecture, design, photography, but also music, food and good mood.
Unusual installation, unusual stories, unusual experience.

The work of Atrium Studio respects the context of their region, combining its motifs with the latest European architectural trends. However, many things are not easy in the Eastern Slovakia. The East has always suffered from the lack of opportunities compared to the West. Nevertheless, it is also the region severely damaged by the war which caused a tremendous hiatus visible in heroic and intolerable socialistic interventions uncompromisingly establishing a new order (of course many times just to be equally positive towards the East), of which overgenerous and idle architecture is the result of.
Atrium studio adjusts European impulses to its environment looking for connection between formal aspects such as shapes wrapping in Japanese origami style and pitched roofs of Slovak rustic area.
Atrium studio pays off the debt of long lasting absence of luxury residential construction and it is more than obvious that they are able to fill in what has turned to standard quality residential building. Architects from the Atrium studio are able to prepare projects which are not distancing themselves from its local contexts but they react to it sophistically (Villa A in Kostoľany). On the other hand they are able to build their own abstract world and cross the already mentioned standard (for instance Vila H in Košice and others.)

The extract from the prologue of 20+1 book by Matúš Dulla.

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