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Dušan Jurkovic Prize 2017

And the winner is Atrium Architekti.
Thank you for appreciating our work „Mlyn Humenné“: [http://www.atriumstudio.sk/…mlyn-humenne].
For us, this is the second award with this prestigious prize, which obliges us not to dump, just the opposite, to grow our potential even further.
We won the first prize in 2004 for the Art School Smižany.

The Award of Dušan Jurkovič was awarded by the Association of Architects of Slovakia already 53 times. The architectonic prize with the highest tradition in our country is given to the author and the collective for the work that contributes to raising the level and prestige of architectural creation in Slovakia.

The jury found a very balanced level and unusual variety of themes and typological species. The good direction of Slovak architecture is based on the submitted works, among other things the fact that more and more attention is paid to the public space, the cultural heritage, and the search and verification of non-traditional forms of solution. The jury's discussion after a two-day review of eight selected works was not just about quality, the jury also considered how the resulting work, and often the actual process of its creation, contributes to the value orientation of the company.

At the end, the hunting lodge in the Small Carpathians and the Mlyn Humenné apartment house were profiled as the most prestigious candidates for the Jurkovič Prize. As the price can only be awarded to one, the winner was Mlyn Humenné. The jury appreciated that, as the basis of a new apartment, the building structure of a long-term unused industrial building served to create a high-quality architecture of adequate size. The original industrial character resembles the construction of an umbrella facade. The jury has also appreciated the construction of the site as an exceptional development that contributes to the promotion of quality housing and stands out from regional production. The quality of the building is reflected, in addition to the design of the exterior and common home areas, as well as in the interior of the apartments where the architects also participated, which is not a matter of course in this system of construction. The apartment house is thus an example of a new standard of housing solution, when the stylish interconnection of the interior of the apartment and the look of the house synergy enhances the effects of architecture and design on its users.

In accordance with the statute of the prize, the jury decided to award the Dušan Jurkovič Prize to Michal Burák, Dušan Burák, Matúš Gomolčáček and co-authors Marek Bakalár, Marek Ganz and Tomáš Eisner for the Mlyn Humenné