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Urban Intervention High Tatras

Tatras need your ideas.
Another of the cycles of the Urban Intervention project is approaching the final.

More info: https://www.zasahy.sk/tatry

Urban interventions are already established in Slovakia. Their goal is to improve the public space of the city on a functional and aesthetic side. It is not just about naming its unused or weak places, but also about proposing a variety of solutions – interventions. The opportunity to get involved is a whole audience.
The city's interventions were the first time seven years ago. During this period, they took place in several Slovak and Czech towns. It turned out to be a great opportunity to involve the wider professional and general public in addressing and debating the problems of cities.
„We all like the High Tatras, but there are always places with huge potential, whose current state is neglected to disastrous for various reasons,“ they explain the situation to the initiators of the project.
The aim of the Tatra 2019 Intervention project is to creatively intervene in problematic or unused localities in the Tatras and to propose functional, refinement and rational solutions.
The interference can take a variety of forms from artistic installations, greenery, or new green areas to more complex architectural and urban concepts. It's not just about finding the city's problems, but also about uncovering its untapped potential.

Do you have a specific idea how to improve the Tatras? All you need to do is visit the City Intervention site.

Sophisticated sites

  1. The bus station Stary Smokovec
  2. Creation of the square in front of the station Smokovec – Hrebienok
  3. The premises of former VPS in Starý Smokovec
  4. The premises of the former amphitheater in Starý Smokovec
  5. Space of the bus station Tatranská Lomnica
  6. Railway station Tatranská Lomnica
  7. Promenade in Tatranska Lomnica
  8. Areal Jazierka in Tatranská Lomnica
  9. Station of the former cableway Tatranská Lomnica
  10. Spa facilities
  11. Creating the square before entering the Belianska Cave
  12. Public spaces in Tatras' settlements
  13. Urban vision of the Eurocamp area
  14. Orientation system and visual identity of Tatier, solution of visual smog