Atrium was nominated for ARCH Prize 2014

We are so glad for nomination project Heat Exchanger Važecká on ARCH Prize 2014.



Atrium Prize 2014

Už 5-ty krát za sebou oceňujeme najlepšie diplomové práce roka Stavebnej fakulty TU Košice. Cenu za rok 2014 si prevzal Michal Hruška za prácu Rekreačný hotel Klenovec.



Atrium on European prize fo Architecture

Mies van der Rohe Award is top prize for architecture on Europe. Atrium was nominated with ArtSchool Smižany for this prize in 2004. You can see 25 years of MVDRA on Bratislava Design Factory until 18.6.2014. Atrium will be there:)



Atrium on Pecha Kucha to Prešov

If you want to see our arch performacne, Lets go 21.5.2014 at 19:19 on Prešov Christiania.



East Side to world

Thanks to all donors. Publication East Side Architecture can go to world:) We will start printing and delivering.



Less is more

Nice Easter from Atrium



Please support book

kniha Eastside Architecture / Sucasna architektura na vychode Slovenska je takmer hotova, chyba uz len POSLEDNY KROK – tlac!



Atrium Exhibition in Ostrava

If you will be in Ostrava in 4.3.2014 you can visit our exhibition Atrium 20+1 i cultural space CoolTour Ostrava.



SPOTs on title

Magazine Projekt with headline devil title :)



East Side Architecture

This book for you quite soon.